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Spinning Moon Press Publishes Young Adult Adventure Novel

The Ghosts of Lone Jack Wins The Arizona Book Publishing Association's 2010 Award for Young Adult Fiction

Phoenix, AZ – May 1, 2010- The Ghosts of Lone Jack, by Lance Lee Noel, won the 2010 Arizona Book (Glyph) Award for Young Adult Fiction. The banquet, held by the Arizona Book Publishing Association, took place on May 1st at the Phoenix Country Club in downtown Phoenix.

Published by Spinning Moon Press, The Ghosts of Lone Jack is author Lance Noel’s debut Young Adult novel. The book was released in the Spring of 2009.

Lance Noel currently lives in Anthem, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. The Ghosts of Lone Jack, , the first in a series of historical fiction adventures geared towards young adult readers, is his first book release. Book two in the series is slated for release in the summer of 2011.

In The Ghosts of Lone Jack author Lance Lee Noel draws on his passion for history to create a splendid debut Young Adult novel. The Ghosts of Lone Jack introduces ten-year-old protagonist Jared Millhouse. Content to spend a quiet, uneventful summer on his grandfather’s farm in Lone Jack, Missouri, Jared will soon learn that the ghosts of Lone Jack have other plans. With the help of his grandfather and a colorful cast of local characters, Jared uncovers the truth about the Civil War battle that trapped so many bloodthirsty ghosts in Lone Jack.

Charming, engaging, and educational, The Ghosts of Lone Jack delivers a seamless blend of past and present, fantasy and reality, and fact and fiction. Filled with compelling characters, and resplendent with twists and turns, The Ghosts of Lone Jack is supremely suspenseful, extraordinarily entertaining, and cleverly crafted.

The Ghosts of Lone Jack is also one of ten national finalists for the Independent Book Publisher Association’s Book of the Year for Young Adult Fiction.

In business since 2007 Phoenix based Spinning Moon Press specializes in books for young adults that are entertaining, engaging and enlightening. Spinning Moon Press’ books encourage young people to read; increase their interest in history and science; and become active members of their communities. The publisher donates a portion of the sales of each book to various causes to create public awareness and support. Proceeds from The Ghosts of Lone Jack help support the Lone Jack Civil War Museum, Battlefield & Cemetery.

An Exciting History Lesson for Young Readers

Phoenix, Az.- April 7, 2009 - Spinning Moon Press proudly announces the April 2009 release of The Ghosts of Lone Jack. This thrilling historical novel for young adults marks Lance Lee Noel's debut in the field. Firmly based in fact, the book's engaging characters and spine-tingling suspense will keep boys and girls of every age up all night reading.

The Ghosts of Lone Jack follows Jared Millhouse as the ghosts of the bloodiest Civil War battle in Missouri interrupt his quiet summer at his grandfather's farm. Jared explores the story of the battle while looking for the key to release the ghosts, all with the help of his dad, his grandfather, his new friends, the town eccentrics and two "professional" ghost hunters.

"This very well written story gives young readers a sense of the anguish that the men who fought at Lone Jack, and so many other battles across the country, felt during this very dark period in our nation's history. But more importantly, it gives young readers a glimpse into their heritage and will hopefully instill in them the need to preserve our past."

--Alinda M. Miller, President, Lone Jack Historical Society; Site Administrator, Lone Jack Civil War Battlefield, Soldier's Cemetery and Museum

A Missouri native, Lance Lee Noel draws on his lifelong passion for history to make the details of Civil War era Lone Jack live. After touring American battle sites for more than fifteen years, he went to Lone Jack in 2006. When he heard the searing story of the battle, he knew this tale had the power to inspire a new generation of young adults, and start them on a journey through the fascinating tapestry of American history.

"When I walked across the grassy site of such a bloody, agonizing struggle and realized that, later, citizens and soldiers from both sides joined together to bury their dead, I really felt the power of that day. I wanted to pass that on to others."

With characters sure to appeal to teen readers (ages 12 and up), The Ghosts of Lone Jack provides an entertaining read for them, as well as a starting point for discussions about the causes of the Civil War, the divisions it caused in communities, the realities of nineteenth century battles and the lingering effects of the war. A teacher's guide is currently in development.

The Ghosts of Lone Jack by Lance Lee Noel will be available from Spinning Moon Press in April 2009.

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